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Book your Boston Sailing Tour on Beanstalk

Book your Boston Sailing Tour on Beanstalk

“Boston Harbor’s Nautical Odyssey: A Day Sail Adventure”

Embark on a maritime escapade like no other aboard a replica pilot schooner, and set sail on the glittering waters of Boston Harbor. This day sail promises not just a journey but an experience, offering panoramic views of Boston’s iconic landmarks and a chance to delve into the rich maritime history of the city.

The Nautical Voyage:

1. Scenic Marvels: As you step aboard the vessel, you’ll be greeted by the gentle lapping of waves and the promise of adventure. Sail through the harbor’s expanse, passing by Spectacle Island, Fort Independence, Castle Island, and Long Island. Each site narrates a tale of Boston’s past, making your voyage a blend of scenic wonders and historical discovery.

2. Captain’s Insights: Throughout the sail, feel free to engage with the knowledgeable captain and crew. They are your guides to the harbor’s secrets, ready to answer your questions and share intriguing stories about the landmarks you pass. 

The Seafaring Experience:

3. Flexible Scheduling: Choose a departure time that suits your day, with multiple options available to accommodate your schedule. Whether you prefer the morning’s tranquility or the golden hues of the evening, there’s a sailing time tailored just for you.

4. Refreshing Amenities: Stay hydrated during your adventure with a water cooler on board, allowing you to refill your reusable bottles. For those seeking a bit more indulgence, there’s a card-only bar offering a selection of wines, beers, and soft drinks, ensuring you can savor the journey with your preferred beverage in hand.

Embrace the Adventure with Beanstalk:


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5. Capture the Memories: Every moment aboard the schooner is a memory waiting to be captured. Share your awe-inspiring photos and sailing anecdotes on Beanstalk, where fellow adventurers gather to celebrate life’s remarkable experiences.

6. Explore Further:** Dive deeper into the sights and sounds of your journey by connecting with fellow travelers on Beanstalk. Discuss the historic forts, the scenic islands, and the maritime legends, forging connections with like-minded souls who share your passion for exploration.


A day sail around Boston Harbor isn’t just a boat ride; it’s an immersive encounter with history, nature, and the allure of the open sea. So, set your course for adventure, capture the moments, and relish the thrill of discovery, all while sailing on the captivating waters of Boston Harbor.

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