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We’re going places…and we want you to experience your best life with Beanstalk! Here’s a glimpse about our future plans.

Life Experience Marketplace

The marketplace will offer Licensed Beanstalk merchandise (coins, badges, patches, clothing, etc.)

Integration with LifeFrame - Shortly After Launch

LifeFrame is a technology that gives you the ability to take control of your data. You will be able to transparently 1) View your data, 2) Manage your data preferences, and 3) Monetize from your Data profile. LifeFrame believes that your data is yours and you should have complete control over what you’re viewing and selling, as well as who’s viewing and buying your data. LifeFrame has plans to introduce a cryptocurrency that is backed by real user’s data, called the LifeCoin.

Learn more, visit their website at

Future Features - TBA

Beanstalk has big plans!  Here’s a glimpse:

Travel/Vacation Planner Feature – Let Beanstalk know where you’re traveling, and we’ll give your ideas of what to do. Whether you travel by Boat, Air, or Road, we will let you know the most relevant things that may interest you.

‘What’s there to do?’ Feature – One of the most searched questions on the internet is ‘What’s there to do near me?’ Beanstalk will have a feature where you can find all of the things there are to do around you. You’ll even be able to add other users to the feature so that it finds something that everyone would like to do!

Beanstalk Dating – Beanstalk showcases what’s important in your life. We plan to build out a dating feature that helps you match with people who lead similar lifestyles to you.

Head 2 Head Challenge – Many people enjoy competition. Beanstalk has plans to build out a feature where you can ‘challenge’ other users head-to-head in an experience.

Charity/GIVE Experiences – Beanstalk plans to partner with nonprofits and charities to create experiences and bucket lists that give back. We plan to make this feature open to all users so that they can help GIVE back to the community.

Collaborative Experience/Bucket List – Beanstalk will create a ‘collaborative bucket list,’’, meaning that you can add multiple people to one bucket list, and in real time watch as people add experiences to that bucket list. Examples of how this could be used are: ‘Family Bucket Lists,’ ‘Friend Group Bucket Lists,’ Travel Bucket Lists,’ A bucket list with a significant other,’ etc.

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