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Show us how you are Celebrating Oktoberfest

Show us how you are Celebrating Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest: Prost to the World’s Most Celebrated Beer Festival!

Get ready to don your lederhosen or dirndl and raise your stein because Oktoberfest, the world’s grandest beer festival, is here! Join us as we immerse ourselves in the rich traditions and frothy delights of Oktoberfest. And when you’re ready to toast to this iconic celebration, don’t forget to download the Beanstalk app to share your Oktoberfest adventures. Prost to a world of beer, food, and camaraderie!

Bavarian Bliss:

Originating in Munich, Germany, Oktoberfest has become synonymous with Bavarian culture and hospitality. It’s a time to celebrate the craftsmanship of beer brewing, Bavarian cuisine, and the joy of shared moments.

Liquid Gold:

At the heart of Oktoberfest lies beer, and not just any beer, but Märzen, a rich and amber-hued lager. Brewed especially for the festival, it’s a malt-forward, smooth, and slightly sweet beer that pairs perfectly with pretzels and sausages.

Feast Fit for a King:

Oktoberfest cuisine is a mouthwatering affair. Indulge in a variety of hearty Bavarian dishes like schnitzel, bratwurst, sauerkraut, and giant soft pretzels. It’s a food lover’s paradise.

Traditions and Music:

From traditional folk music to lively polkas, the sound of accordions and brass bands fills the air. Enjoy the revelry of dancing, singing, and even the crowning of the Oktoberfest queen.

Dress the Part:

Many Oktoberfest-goers embrace the festival’s spirit by donning traditional Bavarian attire. Lederhosen for men and dirndls for women add to the festive atmosphere.

Share Your Oktoberfest Spirit:

Have you celebrated Oktoberfest in Munich, your local town, or with a home beer tasting? Share your Oktoberfest experiences on the Beanstalk app using the hashtag #OktoberfestAdventures. Connect with fellow beer enthusiasts and discover new ways to enjoy this global celebration.

Download Beanstalk and Share Your Adventures:

Beanstalk is your platform for sharing life’s most festive experiences. Whether you’re toasting with a stein of Märzen or exploring other cultural celebrations, Beanstalk connects you with a community of fellow festival enthusiasts.

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Oktoberfest is more than just a beer festival; it’s a celebration of culture, tradition, and the joy of coming together. As you raise your stein and join in the festivities, remember to celebrate Oktoberfest with Beanstalk. Prost to a world of merriment and camaraderie!

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