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Our Team

Stan Dalton

Chief Executive Officer 
Chairman of the Board

CEO/Founder/Chairman of the Board, Life Enhancement Media, LLC
CEO/Founder, Fortress Real Estate Group 
B.A. in International Relations/Japanese, BYU

Stan’s Bucket List 

Stanley Dalton Jr.

Co-Founder / Vice President
Chief Strategic Officer 
Chief Creative Officer

CSO/Founder/Vice President, Life Enhancement Media, LLC
Board Member, Life Enhancement Media, LLC 
Former High Net Worth Associate, Fidelity Investments LLC
B.S. in Finance, UVU

Stan Jr. Bucket List


Chief Monetization Officer
Creative Director

Compliance Program Manager and Retail Food Regulatory Program Manager, Utah Department of Agriculture and Food.
Environmental Health Scientist, National Environmental Health Association.
United States Marine Corps, Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran.
B.S. Utah Valley University, Biology.


Cole’s Bucket List


Chief Technology Officer
Board Member

Executive Director of Technology, Mesa Valley School District 51
Director of Technology, Southwest BOCS, Durango 9R, and Brush RE2J
Technical Open Systems Trainer, Brocade Communications
Worldwide Open Systems Trainer, Storage Technology Corporation (StorageTek)
Systems/Network Administrator, Advance Geophysical Corp
UNIX/Network Administrator, Amoco Production Company
Seismic Exploration Technologist, Amoco Production Company
B.S. Colorado State University System graduate with post-grad work at CSU-Pueblo


Randy’s Bucket List


Chief Financial Officer
Joan’s Bucket List


Chief Public Relations Officer
Senior Director of Communications

Denver Post columnist
Editor, BYU Connections Alumni Magazine. Founder, Colorado’s first and largest online community for moms.
Freelance writer. First Place Online General
Excellence, Colorado Associated Press Editors and Reporters Association
Microsoft Office’s accredited blogger, 2010 Vancouver Games
B.A. Brigham Young University, Broadcast Journalism


Amber’s Bucket List


 Product Director
Sales Engineer Fishbowl Inventory
Former Implementation and Training Director, Fishbowl Inventory
Former Senior Commercial Account Manager, Blendtec Inc
Josh’s Bucket List 

Our Mission Statement - GIVE

G - Growth

We believe in the importance of growth – as a person and as a company. We strive to promote a work environment that will challenge an individual intellectually and stimulate curiosity and innovation. We also believe that our platform will allow an individual to find personal growth by interacting with experiences, bucket lists, users, and businesses. We believe that businesses will be able to grow their business organically, and Beanstalk will provide a great channel to do so.

I - Integrity

We believe in personal integrity and honesty. Staying true to the rights that are afforded to all individuals on this planet. Staying true to the platform and not getting involved in anything that creates diversion or hatred. We believe in data integrity – in this sense meaning that an individual’s data is theirs and they should easily be able to view and manage it.

V - Value

We believe in the value of an individual. We believe in the value of those that work for Beanstalk and we try and recognize that value. We believe that everyone has value and can find more value by interacting on Beanstalk. Your life has value, your data has value, and you have value in your own specific way.

E - Enhance

We believe in enhancing the world through positivity, encouraging action, and rebutting negativity in all its form. We believe in enhancing the world through a platform that promotes acceptance, self-awareness, kindness and positivity no matter what your gender, nationality, sexual preference, race, or familial status.

We as a company believe in these core values and try to live them to the best of our abilities personally, and as a company. Encouraging all to do so as well. We believe that if each individual could G.I.V.E. we can change the world together.

Life Enhancement Media, LLC, the parent company of Beanstalk – has plans to develop the technology that will give power back to the individuals, allow them to see the value that they hold in life, and provide a little bit of positivity in this world.