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The Legend of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine  – 7/12/23

The Legend of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine  – 7/12/23

Take part in the legend. In the Arizona desert there is a mountain range called the Superstition Mountains and they have been the source of mystery and legend since the days of miners in the old west searching for wealth. The Superstitions have been the home of ancient people thought to be the Salado or Hohokam Indians and later the Pima and Apache.

Legend has it that during the 1840s miners from northern Mexico supposedly developed a rich gold mine in the Superstitions. According to legend on their way back to Mexico in 1848, those miners were ambushed by Apaches, and were killed. Since that time their mine location has been unknown except for a man named Jacob.

In the 1870s Jacob Waltz, “the Dutchman”, was said to have located the rich gold mine. Most stories from those who knew him place the gold somewhere in the vicinity of Weaver’s Needle, a well known landmark.

However Jacob Waltz died some twenty years later in 1891. He supposedly described the mine’s location to a neighbor. However to this day no one has been able to find the “Lost Dutchman’s Mine.” 

Can you be the one to find it? Many have tried and even some have died looking. The Superstitions are both hot and dry. So if this is an adventure you elect to take on – be sure to have plenty of water and avoid the summer heat.

By Marine 69-71 

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